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Commercial Door Operator Training

CDO: Advanced Application Basics

No access code required

Includes TLS1 Card, CP3 Card and Multiple 3 button stations

Commercial Door Operators: Common Advanced Applications

Duration: 20 minutes

Class Times: N/A

Location: Web

Credits: N/A

Certificates: N/A

Costs: N/A

Course Description

This is a self-paced module. Students participating in this module will learn how to work with the most common advanced applications. 

Course Content

  • TLS1 Card with Red/ Green light 
  • CPS3 Card with multiple safety sensors
  • Installing multiple 3 button stations


Benefits of Attending

After attending this course, you will be able to:

Understand the installation process of a red green light with TLS1 card on Logic 5 commercial door operators

Understand how to install multiple monitored entrapment protection devices on Logic 5 commercial door operators

Understand how to properly install multiple 3 button stations on Logic 5 commercial door operators



Course Format

This is a self-paced course. Click on the module and then click on the section. To complete this course, the participant must complete all three modules. 


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