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myQ Diagnostics Enrollment Training - Indirect Dealer

Jason Webb
No access code required

Upon completion of this 15 minute course, you will be on your way to accessing and using the myQ Diagnostics program.

Duration: 15 - 20 minutes

Class Times: Self-paced

Location: Web


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

- Course Introduction - Dealer Benefits - Who should be a myQ Diagnostics Delaer

2. Enrollment

- Overview of the Enrollment Process - The Enrollment Form - Training and Assessment

3. Accessibility

- Accessing your Dashboard - Unlocking the Benefits - Connecting with the Homeowner - Homeowner Sharing of Diagnostics - Garage Door Opener Compatibility

4. Managing your Connections

- Partner Portal Account Creation - Managing Notifications - Viewing Connected Customers - Viewing Shared Health Reports

5. Diagnostics In Action

- Start to Finish Demonstration

6. Keys to Success

- Selling Diagnostics - Submitting a Claim - Training Staff - myQ Diagnostics Resources

7. Knowledge Check

- Complete the 5 Question Quiz!

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