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Access Control Training

EL25, EL2000SS, and Versa XS 4.0

No access code required

EL25, EL2000SS, and Versa 4.0

Duration: 90 minutes 

Class Times: Self-paced

Location: Web

Credits: None

Certificates: None


Course Description

This is a self-paced module. Students participating in this module will learn how to install, configure and program EL2000SS, EL25 and EL1SS products. 

Course Content


  • Tips and things you should know about dial up modems and TES 
  • How to wire power 
  • How to wire a telephone entry to a gate operator 
  • How to wire a door strike 
  • How to wire a maglock 


  • How to install VERSA XS on your computer
  • How to configure and set up a dial up modem and where to get one
  • How to custom configure your communications set up
  • How to program locally and set up Direct Connect using your PC
  • How to set up a welcome message
  • How to auto configure your communications set up
  • How to turn on Anti-passback
  • How to change the password
  • How to configure alarm conditions
  • How to view historical transactions
  • How to back up a database to the LiftMaster Cloud
  • Advanced programming

  Site Management

  • How to change the password 
  • How to reset a lost password 
  • How to open a door or gate remotely 
  • Assign/ Add/ Delete or suspend credentials and Passport remotes
  • Create/ edit/ delete a resident 
  • Create/ edit or delete vendor and maintenance personnel 

Benefits of Attending

After attending this course, you will be able to:

Understand the basic requirements for installation of a telephone entry system as well as the management and configuration of simple to complex access sites. 


Course Format

This is a self-paced course. To complete the course the participant must view all content and complete the course assignments.

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